Why Legal Assistants Use DOCKET2ME for Oklahoma Docket Updates

Legal assistants, secretaries, and lawyers across the state of Oklahoma spend hours every week checking their cases on the Oklahoma State Court Network, or OSCN. They spend hours every week refreshing the search page to make sure they’re not missing out on a last minute court filing by the opposing counsel or judge rulings. Mandy’s story is no different — as a legal assistant for five attorneys and outside for local counsel, she spends long hours regularly checking OSCN for frequent case updates. With a caseload of anywhere between 50 to 100 cases, going back and forth on the website is a big time drain. However, Mandy was able to cut that time down dramatically when she was introduced to DOCKET2ME by attorney David Bernstein, a fellow user himself. 

In no time, Mandy was connected with help to set up to get her first case notifications sent directly to her inbox. Now she can stop manually refreshing case pages between meetings and save hours of her time spent going back and forth on the website. Through DOCKET2ME, Mandy can put up to 100 cases in the system in a short amount of time and start receiving email notifications immediately.

Once the docket updates hit her inbox, Mandy saves them onto TrialWorks and then uploads the PDF documents. It has been easier than ever as firms have been able to e-file due to courts being closed for COVID-19 safety precautions.

“DOCKET2ME was so appealing to keep up with the large caseload my firm has. It’s easy to use and definitely saves a lot of time”. Start your free trial with our Pro Bono membership.

After using DOCKET2ME, Mandy feels like she is keeping up better with her cases than before because she is not missing anything! DOCKET2ME offered assistance in setting up the product, as well as a demo of how to implement the cases into the tool for no additional cost. “I really felt listened to and like the fact that I can reach out for help any time.”

She recommends it to other law offices and calls it a huge timesaver for anyone in the legal profession. Whether you’re a lawyer working on your own, a paralegal, summer law clerk, a legal assistant or secretary, DOCKET2ME is the software for your firm to keep up with the latest case updates. If you are a larger firm like Mandy’s that has an upwards of 50 or 100 cases, contact us to learn more about our associate plan