Be the first to know on every case.

We know legal professionals fight to stay up to date on every case they manage, docket2me is here to help you feel confident, informed & well-prepared to support each of your clients.

Staying up to date on all of your cases can feel overwhelming and expensive

A System Built for Lawyers, by Software Professionals

We understand the amount of time you put into simply staying informed, and are here to help you manage your case load. With hundreds of users within the state of Oklahoma since 2019, our tools are well equipped to help you stay informed on your cases so you can focus your energy elsewhere.

Customers Can

Get immediate Updates on dockets, events and document filings

Get alerts when Parties are added to new OSCN cases

Stay Informed on Every Case... Every Time

Scale Membership based on your firm's Needs

Avoid Unneeded Admin Costs

Secure Personal & Payment Info via Stripe/Shopify Security


Heidi L. Shadid
“DOCKET2ME is a major stress reliever. I no longer have to constantly recheck the docket while waiting for an order or filing and am notified immediately if something comes up out of the blue. Docket2Me allows me to be more efficient for my clients and provides me with the maximum time to act. I can’t envision practicing without it!”

– Heidi L. Shadid

Charles R. Hogshead
As a former Judge, the value DOCKET2ME provides to both pro-se litigants and attorneys is invaluable to our judicial system. Timely notification of docket updates ensures that all parties have the time they need to respond, appear or file what's required to keep their case(s) on track.

– Charles R. Hogshead