An interview with Allison Martuch

We recently interviewed Allison Martuch with Martuch Law regarding their experience with the DOCKET2ME subscription. Allison owns a small law firm in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, and informed us she found DOCKET2ME while searching online for a docket monitoring application in Tulsa County. She initially thought DOCKET2ME was a national company but gladly found out it was owned and operated in Tulsa. Allison’s experience with DOCKET2Me has been positive and helpful in monitoring active family law cases and keeping track of important court dates. DOCKET2ME emails their client’s court case updates, and when a court date is included, the court date can be added to your calendar in one click.

DOCKET2ME had helped Allison when she received a notification on a clients’ court case date, and she began preparing. The same day, the courts mailed the court documents to Allison. However, the mail was delayed, and she did not receive the client’s court date notification until two months later.

DOCKET2ME kept Allison on top of her game and helped her prepare on time for the court date.

Allison said, “DOCKET2ME takes the stress out of waiting and wondering if there is a change to a court case. I’d recommend using this application for your firm to keep you on top of your game too!”

Allison Martuch | Martuch Law